Tired of Paying More Taxes as You Earn More Income?

Facing a big tax bill after all possible business deductions have been taken? Selling your business or your property and facing a big capital gains tax? Pogosian Tax Planning can help.   

As a former IRS Agent, Vardan Pogosian utilizes his expertise to legally minimize taxes for business owners and high net worth individuals. Vardan believes that the most important tax date is December 31st because most of the tax planning must be done before that date or it’s too late. 

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We are an advisory and consulting firm that partners with our clients to offer successful tax-reduction strategies. Through our consultative process, we gain the trust of our clients to maximize opportunities to lessen the tax burden.

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Client Testimonies:

"The fact that he was a former IRS agent who audited professionals like myself gave me confidence in his abilities and made me want to work with his firm."

Steven A. Rabin, MD

Advanced Gynecology Solutions

"He is very knowledgeable with taxes and as a former IRS agent, he gives you the inside knowledge and experience of how to minimize your taxes. As a business owner, that’s huge to me."

Garry Tigranyan, CEO

CashNvestors LLC

"In the first year that he worked for me, he discovered issues with my previous tax returns and was able to amend my balance sheets and save me a significant amount in taxes. He also saved me money by advising me to the right corporation entity for my business."

Kevin Farnam, MD

Adult and Children Allergy Center